I was mulling over my last blog post and I think I got it wrong. Or maybe only half-right.

You and I aren’t “one” any more than that tree over there is “one” with the pumpkin pie I have in my fridge. The tree and the pie share certain characteristics, like you and I do, but they’re far, far away from causing the two things to be “one.”

You and I are very different. Each human being is unique, just like snowflakes are unique. Yes, we are made of the same fabric, but saying “We are one” like I did previously just sounds too, um, not-Catholic. (I am Catholic, after all, and this is supposed to be my Cathoic-subject-matter blog.)

So. How *are* we “one” with each other? Well, let’s see. We all came from our Creator and we’re all meant to go back to Him in the end. We all have the same archetypal desires imprinted on our hearts by our Father God. We have all been rescued from an eternal death sentence by our Savior. And while we’re still on earth, we are all in this fight together. Let’s not forget that.