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“A little act, done for love, is worth so much!” — St. Josemaria Escriva

If only I could keep this quote plastered on my brain and never lose sight of it. I get so frustrated with changing diapers, washing dishes, finding other people’s shoes and socks and then putting them on those other people whether or not they want me to (narrowly missing getting kicked in the face during the process), that I forget WHY.

Why all the mind-numbing drudgery that seems so meaningless? How many times have I already changed this toddler’s pants, and how many times will I in the future? Why am I even here… I mean, can’t *anyone* do the menial stuff? Why is it *me*? Why can’t I be off curing cancer or discovering a new species or saving the world or something?


Because I’m here right now and the stuff that’s right in front of my face is what needs to get taken care of. 

Because I can’t  see how much of an effect I’m having on these small persons’ lives (or on the history of the world, for that matter) but God can… And he’s the Man with a plan, and he never makes a mistake. He knew what he was doing when he put me here with the babywipes and detergent.

Because all you need is love… Love is all you need. Love turns the smallest thing into a beautiful gift. Love makes a smile actually mean something. Love means I’m sacrificing myself (including my traumatized and nearly-dead sense of smell) every time I scrub someone else’s puke off the carpet. 

Love is the reason for everything, and without love, everything would mean nothing. But when done with love, every one of the little nothings can mean everything.