…It just went by. It’s gone. Poof.

And I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

But at least if I did even a little bit of growing towards God, or of helping others, then it wasn’t a waste.

I feel like it was a waste. I feel like I am a waste. I know for a fact that I’m not, but… I still feel like I am. This is confusing.

That’s OK, though. I’m totally OK with being confused and at a loss about pretty much everything, because I know that God is in control and he’s taking care of everything for me.

And not just for me, either; for every single one of us.

I don’t have to worry — we don’t have to worry — about family or kids or the future or the past, or money, or the government, or ISIS, or anything, because God is bigger than it all. And he’s watching over us and arranging every little thing to our benefit.

He’s such a wonderful Father. 💛