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“If obedience doesn’t give you peace, it’s because you’re proud.” –St. Josemaria Escriva

I’ve noticed this in myself and others over, and over, and over again. If I didn’t  want to listen to my pastor, my boss, or my parents (when I was a kid), it was because I firmly believed that I “knew better.” If people I was acquainted with were badmouthing the Pope, it’s because they thought they were “more Catholic” than he was. If friends insisted on not following speed limit signs, it was because the people who made those rules were stupid and “only idiots follow laws written by incompetent fools.”

I only started being able to obey peacefully after I realized that, in every situation where I thought my authority figure was wrong, there was always a chance that I was making a mistake.

None of us are perfect; it’s a fallen world. Logically, that means that no matter how much I know, how careful I’m being with my thought process, how holy I am, etc. etc. etc., there is always a chance that my conclusions are wrong. Also, God is the one who decides who has authority in every situation, since all authority ultimately comes from Him. So disobeying an authority figure is like saying God made a mistake and you know how to fix it. This is obviously Pride.

On the other hand, obeying an authority figure when it seems to you that you know better, is like admitting to God that He knows better than you do. This is Humility. 

Practicing humility  hurts. Even when you know you’re doing the right thing by obeying against your personal wishes, it hurts. Pride doesn’t like being torn out of your heart by the roots. Once it’s fully torn out though… Then you have peace “not as the world gives.”