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“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:18

In all circumstances…? Really…?

The other day, my five year old tiptoed down the hall mumbling something about a “big pwoblem in da baffwoom.” Uh-oh, the toilet must be clogged again, I thought. I made my way down the hall from whence he came.

I had to gasp when I opened the door. I’m glad I didn’t actually shriek. There was a pond on the bathroom floor and the sink was overflowing, the faucet on full-blast.

Oy vey. At least it wasn’t toilet water.

I had some time to think while cleaning up the mess. (It took every dry towel in the house, by the way.) And this is what I thought: “Why me, Lord? Why this? Why, why, why?”

Yep, I was basically throwing the adult version of a temper tantrum. Embarrassing.

A bit later, though, when the bathroom was mostly dry, the soggy towels were in the wash, and I had some time to catch my breath, I could see that, yes, I should have started giving thanks right away instead of wailing and oh-poor-me-ing. Because, for one thing, it wasn’t an overflowing toilet with pee and poo spewing out onto the floor! It was a relatively clean mess: just plain old tap water. Thank you, Lord.

And for another thing: my kids and I are at home. We have the ability to homeschool. If they’d been in public school and daycare, and I’d been out making money somewhere, this wouldn’t have happened… but I don’t have to make money and I can stay home with my kids. Thank you, Lord.

And for another thing: this was the worst episode we’d had in a while. A puddle of water on the floor. We haven’t had any broken bones, auto accidents, or lost toddlers for… well, ever. If this is the worst calamity that’s happening to me and my family in this vale of tears, then wow! Thank you, Lord!

It just goes to show, we really can give thanks in all circumstances. I know a bathroom full of overflowing tap water isn’t the worst thing that can happen this life; but I also know that God always knows best. He’s arranging everything for our benefit… and He never makes a mistake.

Thank you, Lord.